Time Glitch

Always it’s a matter of discussion when time travels Unidirectional, Uncatchable, Irreversible and Illusive. One moment is relative but imprint of it on once memory is as essence.  Other person always have different prospect of that moment. Life of the Pie is adventurous for others prospective but John Doe always dull and lull. Sense of finding a way to pass time pleasurably and fulfilled is the key for most of mortals.  

Time is the only relative parameter everybody wants to cherish but when prospects, foregrounds and frame changes. It gives altogether different world view or I would call it a time prospect. World is nothing but an illusion of humans perseverance to remember the time went past.

Forgetfulness is a real key of being happy in once life. But few realities need to be remembered to gain grayness. Pillars of habits and change of needs provides it precisely this. There is always duplicity of time too. It gives an opportunity for few and disappears to others and vice versa….

People who really see world in blissful context are real deal breakers for others. Died genius is always present in timelines. Sense of achievement for men and sense of cheerfulness for women are always worked as a catalyst to remember the time. Preservation and finding it again and again…..

It can end anytime without giving any signs or clues.. So Live a life J         

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