Bad Morals

Year 2013 : seems like a year in all Bad Morals in cultures are predominantly magnifying itself.

Difficult Time to hear atrocities on women, evil deeds to children, insane incidents of abductions from all over the world.

Poor World: Feudal mindset of animistic behavior towards women. Gender Un-Biasing struggling for self confidence and reliance.

Developing World: Strictly become unstable with goons and fanatics, dealing with Child Rapes, Serge of Divorces dealing new and old type of false morals.

Rich World : Fanatics Sexual Obsessions , Pit hole Abductions, Killing sprees, Human  Trafficking  are going on.

Still In All these the Individualistic personalities of Womanhood is Still Lost.

No Matter the geography attires are changing but Morals are Disappearing.

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