In the age of Single Superpower, just after a decade of prosperity around globe. Unthinkable incident terrorized the most affluent nation. We call it 9/11.

I remember coming back from tuition and staring for continues 5 hours live telecast. This was totally impossible act of attack. Most secure nation with the most vigilant people with the most advanced technology arsenal. Was attacked on heartland of their civilization and Army command: NY-WTC and Pentagon.

     In 2011, I was a teenager of 16 years. Even thou I was really socked to understand what the heck this is? I never have seen any natural calamity, never witness a war. I born and brought up in a secure peaceful surrounding. Today I understand this as a clash of civilizations.

Ways by which civilization fights.

Communist: as occupant quarantine machinery to mold or break

Commercialism: as lending power to make beggars and kneelers    

Fundamentalist: as self sacrificing heretics and terrorizing       

Monarch: as diplomatic entities with what money can buy  


Diversity is base of Human Race. Anybody who tries to demolish differences got perishes.

I fear and feel bad when I think about

Most dangerous time of is yet to come for Humans with

  • Natural Calamities [Global Climatic changes]
  • Rise in Unknown Diseases [AIDS, H1N1]
  • Lack of Peace [wars and terrorists]
  • Human Resource Management [Uprisings etc]
  • Lack of Physical Work [Dependency on Machines]


Some say WW-III will not occur in this century. I suspect WW-lll is nothing but clashes of civilization.

Parts of world viz. NATO, South America, South Asia, China, Middle East are struggling to make a mark with one another. No Balkans but there is lots of jilts and jolts. May Lord Make Human Race more tolerant, intelligent and peaceful in coming 100 years.

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