Money Matters

Fail to think about Economics as whole. The money laundering and the impact and sense of containment are connecting to; How much money your bank account have?  & How happy you feel?

Thinking about money always drives me toward value it provides. Time taken and purchasing power it denotes. That’s a reason I guess money is always classified

Hard Earned Money, Black Money, Dirty Money, Easy Money and False Money.

Money is most important need of human life at the same time it is nothing but a mean of finding value and illusion of power for barter. Most Hippocratic Item men deal with surely after women. Present day commercialization and composition of luxuries. Make Money Making Valuable, Needful aspect of Life. Same is responsible for undermining other aspects too. Reciprocal effects of making and purchase demand towards correction of those increasing day by day.

     Money is Honey but Honey can never be Money.

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