New Dimensions and Old Avenues

Age Old So called By the people For the people voted democracy is diminishing from horizons and failing to achieve might of tranquility and peace with economical development of human race.

At One place Old majorities are leaving under minority rule of Law and making life difficult for democrats. At another, ruling party is hinged out with military power. Anarchist and New neo fascist. Old Monarchs are struggling due to sectarian device. Successful bribe giving bribe taking Governments are enjoying their time in larges populous countries. Ultimate question of the time is feasible change of ruling elites without bloodshed, hunger and terror.    

This is gone be the Worst time for Secular, liberal and Free Thinkers again as the common grounds of society are shaking and dividing with sectarian, geographical, racial and ethnic bases. Revolution is in awaiting state. Poorest parts of the world are First to adhere to this flow. Springs  are just blooming. Dictators and socialist reformers are in waiting …..

New Era of conservation of environment and minimalistic inclusive straightening of institutions will follow this course. Economic Unstable will be the most fearful and driving force towards better world. The New World Order will emerge from countries of Dragon, Elephant and Houses.

World will Perish and Prevail itself again like a Phoenix  …….

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