Un-Ethical Traders

Global revolution of free markets, open economies and lowered trade barriers and the advent of e-commerce have made virtually every business far more brutally competitive.

Taking about ways of creating jobs, making money, working hard to make life more decently luxurious or it’s a quest to find a way to keep busy in process rather than hitting a mark?  

Relentlessly demand results make unhappiness and cultivate greed.

Plans are always to speed up decision making process and make company more efficient.

 Is The Company only rational entity to spend time of life?

Is money making and having a great bank balance and trophy wife is ultimate resolve?

Finding happiness in articulated containment is the final death wish? 

High concept Boners: Put right people in right job, in time fixing of people problem

Bad Execution: Not getting things done, being indecisive, not delivering on commitments.

Tend to be highly intelligent, articulate, dedicated, and accomplished.

Worked hard, made sacrifices and performed terrifically.

More Crucial makes right execution. Process gridlock is never good. 

We The People are in trance of New World Order, Democracy and Capitalism.

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That’s a tag line of lots of guys who are sure about what they want and desire to be somebody they are not. Professionally, Socially, Economically and personally they aspire to be a different person to be happy for fulfilled. In other words definition of success   is either derived from or is same wanna be desire.

One day a little child is playing in the field and asked. What u want be when you will grow up? But he was unaware of what he likes and dislikes. So he said the simplest answer he got. I want to be like my Dad. The most simplest and achievable goal of man’s life is to be like his Dad [if his dad is simply good]. Dimensions of likes and dislikes are usually making us go to different horizons.  

Mortal should always know about tinniest nature of its existence. Uncertainty and marvelous harmony of nature is true for all ages. So be it a old times or present days. Someone else rules this world.

If life is “Rat Race of Chasing Horizon”.

Is it worthless to stop looking back and grieving for nostalgia?

I guess it’s also not worth saving for bright future of insuring the life too.

Why a man goes out of focus by emotions, needs and uncertainty?

What can be learned and what not [inborn]?

Do the unknown be known someday?

Whatever will be answers but nature really fascinates a man to go and find freeness and happiness. 25k days of life gives a millions to chances to be some someone. Planning and over planning ruin taste. So don’t waste it be somebody who will be remembered, done something cherishable.  Live a lifetime don’t spare it J  I want to Die Like a Happy Man.

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Power of owning, a liberty of spending and time of sparing is a containment maybe? Thrill of having rarebit of makes a man a desire oriented dead-bed. Man is a creature of his desires comes from similar lines. It’s amazing sometimes to see power of containment that makes do inhuman acts, un-imaginable crimes and most beautiful endeavors too.

But surely it gives objectivity to life. A journey and side walks to run for. Otherwise who knows world will be like a monochromatic place to live. Millions of dollars are spend on worthless antiques, thousands of man hours are spend on rare metals to curb this feeling and providence of this. Most of modern day lifestyle surely denote hollow of human desire. Spend a day before TV set searching for lifestyle channels, you will definitely come to know idio-crazy ideas and of finding false happiness and suffering. After from showing how beautiful life is, it shows how the most Ugly can be regarded as most beautiful with 3D glasses.  

Body tattoos to modification, life threatening bizarre acts to non pragmatic attires. God Knows how skin tight yellow latex make oneself comfortable. Factions of roman Era of Courtesan are still not totally faded off from psyche European designers or it’s a new plan of men to exploit other gender.

In either case media is going extreme to glorify dark alleys of societies. Internet has become gossip hub, TV as rumor mill, News paper are nowadays only BAD-NEWS papers. Lastly, ultimate getaways are Nostalgia and Kalyug Conspiracy theory.

Knowing or having wisdom about uncommon is also containment. Leading towards ignorance and arrogance in population. But limiting towards the moderation is a real deal to form hate free society.  

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House Arrest

Being domestic is no sin but has great toll on health too. There will be libraries of discussion on introvert and extrovert characteristics. People who are mostly having low confidence gradient or not happy or too busy seem to fit in this category.  Personal insecurities plays important role in this and worst type of introverts are those who always like it to be in house arrest.

A hug can boost memory and reduce stress also chips packets can send you to obesity scale. I am indifference toward these kinds of people but it’s not healthy to restrict oneself to Lalaland of idiot box, news paper and magazines. It will hamper social skills as well as place you in the middle of nowhere pseudo secure. Internet addition is real in this time. Earlier it was TV, video games, PC games. Nowadays Twitter and Facebook are providing same safe place to hide.

I want to enjoy dawn grace morning work in the afternoon, joy the evening and rest in night. But there are lots of buts and if’s coming in between. We are living in the artificial light far away from nature far from its graciousness and hardships.  Maybe the lust of luxury or the burst of desires making us all rest in false peace of artificial world. Destiny of the era is to craw for most cheap and abundant things.  

If there is a place to hide, man should hide behind the curtains of good lifestyle and enjoy time. That’s the motto of survival. Isn’t it?  Or chasing the unknown is worthless.  

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Beauty, habits and Issues

Beauty is a superficial thing or feeling after expression of sootiness and harmony in design or creature. May coincide with standard definitions of pre visualized or hoped characteristics.
Its good to Stop chasing facial and physical betterment.
Human body will recycle
Cells in 7years and bones in 10 years.
One should Start a chase towards
Best Characteristics, qualities and great habits.
Piousness and integrity.
These will last forever.
These are the few things i crave to make an habit for
Make your plate more colorfull
Store your medicine in good palace
Stretch a little in a morning.
Check BMI
Breackfast is important
Dry brushing the teeth
Switch off the idiot box
Drink more water
Sleep well
Quite smoking
Use left hand for work
Help others
Do your own work

Issues hurdles and problems
Will be hurdles, will be issues too.
Some big, some small.
Predictable and unimaginative.
with no expiry. with no mass.
like never imagined.
Issues who will be spider nest.
Ills and evils too
With troubles and hollow frame.
This is life. This is life.
Solving, cracking, resolving and accepting.
Will make those not affect you.
need to be destroyed. need your consistency.
But there will be certainty of change.
wear different cloths.
come with happiness or
Just from nowhere.
plan for it or not you have to face them.
can make them on your own or
have to make an army to fight.

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Starting a day with a question is always a bad mood signal for most of us. Hope and Fear are most valuable commodities man can have to set meanings to everything around. Happiness and good feelings are always associated with some kind of expectation marker associated. Not going ahead with sets of line is sometimes make things worse.
Change is certain in every case but a phase of expectations plays an important role defining the meaning of change. “Keep your expectations low” I don’t understand this sentence especially LOW. Height of expectations is relative with every person.
One can aspect a candy, other is even unsatisfied with chocolate factory.
Differential of mind leads to expectations. It leads towards great achievement or despair.
Expectations comes in all colors shades and tangible and non tangible. Fearful of them also associated with false beliefs and dogmas. Some really dangerous association came into existence with this thought. Horrible body modifications, Rituals endless suffering procedures also remind me of expectation to escape from worldly fear or just shadowing life.
Desire to life an eternal life or forgetful nature of human toddlerhood makes men expect like this or it can be a sole free thing to cherish upon. I am failed till yet to make right eye on this thing and thought. But maybe the mystery of finding the perfection starts from mare expectation. Eventually it makes life more colorful to make an authoritarian stand.
Universal Moral too is a thought to make an expectation that every mortal will do the exact same good thing for the lost news of death. Maybe this is just an expectation and differences between geopolitical and racial grounds are deeper than we know.
Needless, Endless and timeless at its own device. May the time make us understand how to live with understandingly countable and LOW!!! Resulting less containment more happiness and Peace!

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Alchemy of Happiness [In Pursuit of Happiness]

Most of the worldly matters make distinct scares of soul. In Path of life man always try to hide, fill or at least beautify these scars.

Living with parallels. Insecurities at one side and chores at another. That’s why definition of success always revolves around outer part of life.  If happiness is good thing then I would say it’s opposite to success. Quest of finding unknown or less known, is always has its own adventures. Challenging Physics, Chemistry, Commerce and Biology has become goals and way of success.

The News “Men will Gona Die Someday” is a blessing. Bad Days and Bad Nights are only illusion coming out from chromatics of expectations and desires. Every day is not same but altogether not different from each other. Started with opportunities of light, shine bright on face of earth. It’s just giving you measuring unit of continuity. Containment plays a great role and sufferings become a great teacher. So life of a Soul in unidirectional, uncertain world is a playground of opportunities, consequences, pleasures and sufferings.

Life can be beautiful sometimes but most beautifying things are experienced not performed. Lots of performance acts of humans are usually morbid or ugly. Act of mortals are shameful but still appreciated in dark corners for bread and butter or amusement. Life saver for one is fatal for other.

Alas! No Mortal succeeded formulating metaphysical definition of Life.

This chase is Alchemy of Happiness…. 

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